Missy, Front Desk

Missy has been with Four Paws since our doors opened.  She remembers our clients since way back when!! She’s wonderful up front and is a perfect person to chat with!! She is also our “slurpee supplier” and on her Mondays and Tuesdays at Four Paws, we wait for her to show up with the goods!!

Brenda, Front Receptionist

Brenda has been with us for 2 years and we have lived through some devastating news with her, as she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last summer.  Thankfully, we can say she is in remission and doing fabulous and we are beyond thrilled we have her back where she belongs, with us!  She’s our “go to” with vet questions and the most knowledgeable in that department.

Logan, Manager

Logan started way back in Dec 2015! He’s currently the office manager and handles everything in our day to day world.  He’s quite the jokester, and a fun one to have a conversation with.  Being a manager is a strong suit when everyone loves being around you and he has that quality.

Caitlin, Maintenance

Caitlin has been with us since January 2016!  She knows this place like the palm of her hand.  Recently, she has decided to go back to school for web design, so in the meantime she has stepped down as our maintenance staffer, who knows more than most on up keep in this place!

Amber, Groomer

Amber has been our groomer since the doors first opened.  She is by far the best groomer in Genesee County.  Her love and patience with her clients is outstanding and her grooming skills are phenomenal!  She has been voted “Best of the Best” in multiple newspapers and magazines consistently since she has been with Four Paws.

Kristina, Lead

Kris has been with us since 2016!  She started as an intern in High School and we couldn’t let her go.  She has worked her way to our Lead position and does amazingly with our dogs.  I bet there is not one dog she doesn’t know in this place!

April, Lead

April is one of our newest Leads.  She has worked her way up from being a play attendant.  She is one of the most caring and happy go lucky staffers we have.  April is a complete joy to just be around and always has a sweet smile on her face!

Kaylyn, Play Attendant

Kaylyn has been with us just over a year and we couldn’t be happier.  She’s an extremely hard worker and her love for dogs is unparalleled. She is next in line as a Lead, but is currently one of our top play attendants. Some of you might know her dog, Cosmo, who comes daily to play with his friends!

Sam, Front Receptionist

Sam joined our team because her best friend worked here and she soon became a favorite.  She’s worked over 2 years with us and has gone from play attendant, to Lead, to Front Receptionist.  She knows about everything there is to know in our facility and she has always got a sweet smile on her face and a bubbly cute personality.

Courtney, Lead

Courtney is currently our Top Lead, as well as, our calendar maker, party planner and bulletin board staffer!  She is multi-talented and her love for dogs is seen through her work.  Her pictures are the cutest and she’s always helping others  and making sure that our facility is running at top notch. She loves dogs with a passion you have to see to believe!

Alex, Play Attendant

Alex has been with us for almost a year. He has a true bond with many of our puppers and he’s a hard worker.  You might not see him a lot since he is in the back, but his presence is felt by the love in your dogs eyes as they head out of the door during pick up!

Cortney, Play Attendant

Cortney is one of our main play attendants in the back.  She has been with us for almost 2 years and you can always catch her in the morning out in the play yards with the bigs!  The irony is that she is always with the bigs but on her way out the door for the day, she grabs her two tiny doggies out of the mini’s group! Balance is key, and Cortney has it down to a science.

John, Play Attendant

John is one of our newest employees.  He started working in late October 2018.  He is a senior at GBHS and his passion (besides dogs of course) is running.  He has many metals from running and runs track and cross country for school.  When you see John, you’ll know it because he always has a big smile on his face! He also has a love for State (GO BLUE!!) but we chose to love him through this flaw!

Jordan, Play Attendant

Jordan started at Four Paws about 7 months ago or so.  She came in running and hasn’t stopped.  Jordan works mainly with our bigs dogs but enjoys our mini’s as well.  If you want to meet a hard worker, Jordan is your gal!

Kayla, Play Attendant

Kayla is one of our newest play attendants.  She also works at Sweetwater, where you may have seen her before.  She always has a sweet smile on her face and truly loves being with the dogs!!

Amber, Front Receptionist

Amber has been with us for just short of a year, but you wouldn’t know that walking in the front door!!  She is the first one to greet you and take care of what you need!  Amber, like Logan, is quite the jokester, but she has a heart of gold, don’t let her fool you!  Her nickname around the office is “Awesome Amber” and she lives up to it!

Lyndy, Saturday Front Receptionist

Lyndy is the one that “got away”, but we won’t let her go!  She is the insanely smart multitasking, get it done most efficiently front staff who has been with us for a long time!  She is also our front training staffer as well.  However, she just graduated with her nursing degree and we cried and begged until she accepted the Saturday morning front desk position.  With her already working her “real job” full time, we are praying she likes us enough to hang with us forever!!

Michelle Goetz, Owner

Michelle has owned Four Paws since the doors opened back in October 31, 2015! She has an undeniable love for dogs and most humans! She is married to her business partner, Chris, and they have four children and one sweet, lazy Bouvier!  The picture above was with her beloved Snickers, who was the sole reason for purchasing this business in the beginning.  He crossed the rainbow bridge this past April, but will always be Four Paws Top Dog!


Jill, Grooming Assistant & Bather

Jill is our fancy grooming assistant to Amber and she also baths many of our departure dogs!  For the last few years, Jill has been with us and we couldn’t be happier!