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Play Awareness

*DIRTY/ODORUS DOG: Your dog has played hard all day with other dogs, and might be damp, dirty and have a bad odor. During puppy play and enrichment we often incorporate the use of kiddie pools and sprinklers. We do offer spa services, if you are interested, please let us know early so we can get it schedule for you.

*BOO BOOS: Dogs play with their mouths and paws. You may notice minor cuts & scrapes. This occurs in active play. Of course we would notify you if something serious were to happen to your dog while at the resort.

*SIGNS OF A GOOD TIME: Your dog may go home TIRED and THIRSTY. Rest assured, that they have access to water AT ALL TIMES while with us. You may notice your dog licking their paws or acting stiff or sore for their first few visits here. Most dogs are not used to getting a full day of exercise, or being on all the different types of terrain offered at our resort.

*BARKING: Excessive barking is disruptive to the playgroup, and although we try to limit the amount of barking, it is possible that your pet may come home a little hoarse.

Health Issues

*BORDETELLA: (canine cough), etc.: Like kindergarten , upper respiratory infections and viruses can go around from time to time. We ask that if your dog is COUGHING, VOMITING, OR HAS DIARRHEA, you keep him or her AT HOME. We make every effort to make sure The Four Paws Hotel is a clean, healthy place for all dogs! Your dog MUST be up to date on all vaccinations. Please be aware, however, that your dog may contract canine cough or other respiratory illnesses, EVEN IF THEY ARE VACCINATED!

*ALLERGIES: If your dog has any food allergies, please let us know, as we do feed treats during the day.

*ICKY BUGS: We keep an eye on your pet’s stool and coat, but it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your pet is FLEA and PARASITE FREE!

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