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Missy, Front Desk

Missy has been with Four Paws since our doors opened.  She remembers our clients since way back when!! She’s wonderful up front and is a perfect person to chat with!! She is also our “slurpee supplier” and on her Mondays and Tuesdays at Four Paws, we wait for her to show up with the goods!!

Brenda, Front Receptionist

Brenda has been with us for 2 years and we have lived through some devastating news with her, as she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last summer.  Thankfully, we can say she is in remission and doing fabulous and we are beyond thrilled we have her back where she belongs, with us!  She’s our “go to” with vet questions and the most knowledgeable in that department.

Logan, Manager

Logan started way back in Dec 2015! He’s currently the front office manager and handles everything in our day to day world.  He’s quite the jokester, and a fun one to have a conversation with.  Being a manager is a strong suit when everyone loves being around you and he has that quality.

Jessica, Receptionist

Jessica has been part the family since she walked into the front doors back in 2018!!  She’s got a sense of humor and personality that can’t be beat! Communicating with our clients is her passion, but she LOVES your doggies too!!  If you see her, make sure to say Hi!!

Amber, Groomer

Amber has been our groomer since the doors first opened.  She is by far the best groomer in Genesee County.  Her love and patience with her clients is outstanding and her grooming skills are phenomenal!  She has been voted “Best of the Best” in multiple newspapers and magazines consistently since she has been with Four Paws.

Kristina, Back Manager

Kris has been with us since 2016!  She started as an intern in High School and we couldn’t let her go.  She has worked her way to our Lead position and does amazingly with our dogs.  I bet there is not one dog she doesn’t know in this place!

Jeff, Play Attendant

Jeff has been a behind the scenes rockstar for years!! Since 2017 he has been making sure your dogs are taken care of and treated with lots of love!  He only works the weekends, since he’s finishing up his college degree but the weekends wouldn’t be nearly as smooth sailing without him!!

Sam, Front Manager

Sam joined our team because her best friend worked here and she soon became a favorite.  She’s worked since 2016 with us and has gone from play attendant, to Lead, to Front Receptionist, to Front Manager.  She knows about everything there is to know in our facility and she has always got a sweet smile on her face and a bubbly cute personality, not to mention she’s an extremely hard worker.

Courtney, Back Manager

Courtney is currently a Back Manager, as well as, our calendar maker, party planner, social media manager and bulletin board staffer!  She is multi-talented and her love for dogs is seen through her work.  Her pictures are the cutest and she’s always helping others  and making sure that our facility is running at top notch. She loves dogs with a passion you have to see to believe!

Abby, Lead

Abby is one of our newer members of the family and she fit right in!! Talk about someone who gives 120% every second of the day!  She is one of the hardest workers and she knows and loves each one of your babies.  Her care is immeasurable!!  She is truly irreplaceable!

Hayley, Play Attendant

Hayley has been with us since 2020, which may not have been a great year all around, but we are sure glad she landed here!  She works here while finishing up her degree!  She’s a hard worker and always makes sure that your babies are well loved!!

Gabbie, Front

Gabbie is new to the pack but ready to dive in and give it all she has!  She works mostly mornings so if you see her bright and early during drop off, make sure you say Hi!

Tyler, Play Attendant

Tyler is a new member and a senior at GBHS.  His love for dogs is evident and he works hard to make sure everything is taken care of as it should be.  Don’t let his shyness fool you, there is a lot of love and care there and we couldn’t be happier to have him with us.

Taylor, Play Attendant

Taylor is also a new member of the family.  She is a junior at GBHS. This is her first job and we couldn’t be happier she chose us!!

Michelle Goetz, Owner

Michelle has owned Four Paws since the doors opened back in October 31, 2015! She has an undeniable love for dogs and most humans! She is married to her business partner, Chris, and they have four children and two sweet Bouviers, Ghiradelli and Godiva!  The picture above was with her beloved Snickers, who was the sole reason for purchasing this business in the beginning.  He crossed the rainbow bridge in April 2017, but will always be Four Paws Top Dog!


Jill, Grooming Assistant & Bather

Jill is our fancy grooming assistant to Amber and she also baths many of our departure dogs!  For the last few years, Jill has been with us and we couldn’t be happier!

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