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Food: We understand that your pet may need a lunch. If it is easier for you, you can send a week’s worth of food on a Monday and we will store it to feed your pet lunch each day. Your pet will have access to fresh water AT ALL TIMES, but may also be given treats throughout the day, which we provide. Please be sure to let us know if your pet has any food allergies or sensitivities.

Bedding: We are fortunate to have had a lot of bedding donated to us, that being said we have plenty here in house to provide your pet with comfort during their short nap time, and you will not have to bring in bedding of your own


Food: We do ask that you bring your pets own food, to avoid any digestion issues that may occur. (We do recommend a sealed Tupperware container) We do have “house food” available for an additional charge per meal. We understand that your pet may have some food modifications to make meals more appetizing. We ask that you include these modifications with specific instructions as to what is needed to make your pets meals enjoyable.

Bedding/Toys: We recommend belongings consist of a favorite toy(s) (non-choking hazard) and one piece of bedding (towel, blanket, and/or shirt) so that the transition from Home to Hotel is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible! We do wash all belongings before your pet returns home, so please be conscious of the size belongings you choose to bring and let us know if you do not want your items washed.

Specialty Boarding

Hotel Room: Our hotel room is a roofless 4×6 space with a raised cot, which can house up to an 85lb large breed or (2) 40 lb small breed.

Hotel Suite: a roofless 8×6 ft space that offers a raised bed (1 giant breed or 2 large dogs 50 lbs or over).

Four Paw Penthouses: A 10×12 decorated bedroom with a leather couch and an additional piece of furniture, boasting window views, and a home like atmosphere to make your loved ones feel right at home.

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