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Guest Amenities

  • 7000+ square foot facility
  • Powder coated hotel room with raised orthopedic cots
  • Exciting and stimulating day care program with spacious “lounge areas”
  • Vacation photos texted & emailed to family members upon request.
  • Ask us about our custom “PAW”TIE packages for kids and dogs!

Play Areas

“The Boutique”: This play area is where we combine our smaller dogs and our senior pets

“The Lounge”: This play area is where we typically have our more established members, which frequent the Hotel often

“The Sky Bar”: This play area is where the youngsters hang and mingle. The age group tends to be our younger larger dogs (over 25 pounds) and 6 months – 3 years

“The Meditation”: This play area is where our dogs that may have not finished their Membership Consultation completely, but are working on various levels of socialization can enjoy. We can have anywhere from 1-5 dogs in this group to help build confidence at a slower pace.

“The Fitness Area”: This play area is where our dogs get time to run outside and stretch their legs and use the various outdoor play equipment, as well as where we have our swim excursions. (We bring several kiddie pools outside to splash in!)

Daily Schedule

6:30-8:00 a.m. – Rise and Shine: Dogs are taken outside for their morning bathroom break. Morning breakfast is served (medications or food modifications) , and dogs relax in their individual rooms until Play Groups are formed.

8:00-11:30 a.m. Morning Play: Our Play Groups are formed and the FUN begins. Our days consist of chase, fetch, open swim (weather permitting we bring out the kiddie pools), and much more!

12:00-2:00 p.m. Relaxation Hours: We strongly encourage quiet time at The Four Paws Hotel and Day Resort. During relaxation hours lights are dimmed, calming music is played, and dogs that need lunch are given their meals. Since most dogs are not used to the added exercise it is important to give the dogs time to unwind and relax in order to avoid impatient or destructive behaviors.

2:00-5:00 p.m. Afternoon Play: A slightly slower paced version of the Morning Play, involving more “photo shoots” and one-on-one attention

5:00-7:00 p.m. Dinnertime Relaxation: Special needs (medications or food modifications) are met, and dinners are served as the day comes to an end.

6:00-8:00 p.m. Yappy Hour: Did you select a massage, or a peanut butter kong, how about a bed time tuck in? Now is the time we get those special services

8:00-10:00 p.m. Potty Break and Lights Out: Everyone is taken outside for a bathroom break as their beds are fluffed and ready. Lullabies are played on the radio, and they are tucked in for the night!

** geriatric, puppy, feline, exotic, and private play pets have daily schedules that are geared more for their specific needs**

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